What is the most common job in Portland Oregon?

Discover: What is the Most Common Job in Portland, Oregon?

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Are you curious to know what the most common job is in Portland, Oregon? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have gathered data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to provide you with the answer. Understanding the job market in Portland can help you explore popular job opportunities and high demand careers in the city.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most common job in Portland, Oregon is fast-food and counter worker.
  • Other popular occupations in Portland include registered nurses, general and operations managers, and customer service representatives.
  • Portland’s job market offers a range of opportunities in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and construction.

Job Trends in Portland and Seattle

When it comes to employment trends, both Portland and Seattle offer exciting job opportunities in various industries. In Portland, there has been a notable increase in remote work, making it the 4th highest city in the nation for professionals working from home. This shift has opened up telecommuting positions in fields like design, development, and customer support. If you’re looking for flexibility and the chance to work from the comfort of your own home, Portland is a great option.

On the other hand, Seattle boasts a thriving technology industry and has been at the forefront of tech hiring in recent years. The city is home to major tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, as well as a burgeoning startup scene. If you’re looking to work in the technology sector, Seattle offers abundant job opportunities and a chance to be part of an innovative and dynamic industry.

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Both cities have their unique advantages and industries. Portland’s job market spans across healthcare, manufacturing, and construction, providing diverse opportunities for job seekers. Seattle, on the other hand, is a tech hub with a strong presence in the technology and startup sectors. Regardless of your field of interest, both cities offer attractive job prospects and a chance to thrive in a vibrant work environment.

Whether you’re considering working in Portland or Seattle, you can expect a range of job opportunities in industries that align with your interests and skills. From the growing remote work options in Portland to the tech-driven landscape in Seattle, these cities are both excellent choices for job seekers who want to be part of thriving industries and dynamic work cultures.


Overall, Portland, Oregon offers a diverse range of occupations, making it an attractive city for job seekers. While the most common job in Portland is in the fast-food and counter worker field, there are numerous sought-after careers to explore.

One of the top occupations in Portland is healthcare, with registered nurses in high demand. The city also offers lucrative opportunities in the technology industry, with positions in design, development, and customer support. Additionally, the construction industry provides a steady stream of employment.

With the increase in remote work, professionals in Portland have the flexibility to work from home or pursue opportunities in other cities. This opens up even more possibilities for those seeking fulfilling careers in different locations.

Whether you’re looking for a popular job in Portland or a lucrative career, the city has a wide range of options to explore. From healthcare to technology to construction, Portland’s job market offers something for everyone. Take advantage of the city’s diverse industries and seize the opportunity to find the perfect occupation for you.

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What are the Most Common High Paying Jobs in Portland, Oregon?

Looking for high paying jobs in Oregon? Portland offers lucrative opportunities in tech, healthcare, and finance. Software developers, nurses, and financial managers are some of the most common high paying jobs in Oregon. With a vibrant job market, Portland is a great place to pursue your career goals.

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