• Are you a Realtor?

    No, we are private and local Real Estate Investors which means “No” commissions or closing costs for you to pay!

  • What type of homes / properties do you buy?

    We will buy almost any type of Residential property, be it a single family house, duplex or vacant lot.

  • Who sells their property or properties to Bridgetown Home Buyers?

    This all depends on the situation and the person who owns the property.

    • Landlords who are tired of dealing with tenants
    • Owners who are looking to relocate
    • Heirs who may have inherited a property
    • Owners who have a property that may need lots of fix up and don’t want to spend the $$ to do it

  • What will Bridgetown Home Buyers pay for my property?

    We have a few different Programs, but our most used one is our straight Cash purchase. This offer will be based off of the overall condition of the property minus the repairs needed. We will also subtract the commissions and closing costs along with the cost of the Private money we use to purchase your property. So we will subtract all that from a “retail” after repaired value along with our re-sell profit needed.

    Remember this is an as-is, straight Cash purchase with the no hassles of dealing with a Realtor or Owner occupied home buyer $$ in your pocket in 30 days or less!

  • What will this cost me?

    Absolutely Nothing!!

    But if you decide to sell your home / property through a Realtor, plan on paying 8-10% of the net sales price in commissions and closing costs. And, don’t forget about any costs related to fixing up or cosmetically updating the house to get that sales price!

  • How long will I have to wait to get my $$ from the sale?

    When using our “Cash Now“ program, we can usually close on the sale of your property in less than 30 days. Being that we use funds from Private Investors we can sometimes close even quicker. This all depends on having a clear title on the property and the transfer of funds from our Investors.

  • What if my house a tenant / renter living in it?

    That is not a problem. We just need to know when the lease will be up, and can work the sale to close around the same time.

  • I’m in Foreclosure. Would you still be interested?

    We would still be interested as long as there is equity in the house (meaning you owe less than what it is worth), and we could still use our “Cash purchase” program.

  • I have already listed my property with a Realtor, but now want to sell to Bridgetown Home Buyers. Are you still able to purchase my property?

    Yes, but you still may need to pay the commission to your Realtor. This all depends on the agreement you have with him/her.

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