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From Central Oregon to California – Oregon Duplex SOLD ASAP!

Testimonial Series

Quote from the seller of a recent purchase – duplex sold ASAP:

“Everything went really smoothly oh, I couldn’t be happier with everyone. – Mic T.”

Mic had a goal of selling his beloved duplex and getting that duplex sold ASAP in Central Oregon – quickly and simple. He just so happened to be searching in Google and found us. He proceeded to fill out one of our online website forms, with one goal in mind, which was to get the duplex sold ASAP.

We immediately reached out to see if selling to us would work for him and how we might be able to help him accomplish his goal of selling his Oregon duplex. Within 48hrs we had agreed on a sales price that worked for both sides, signed a purchase and sales contract, and opened escrow at a local title company.

Wanting to keep the process simple, not just for Mic, but also for the existing tenants – who wants a million people walking through your home when you are just trying to live life, that’s never fun!

We did our typical minimal inspections – sewer scope and property walk through. The property looked good, and we were ready to move forward. 

Whatever it Takes Oregon Duplex Sold ASAP

Going the extra mile for our Oregon duplex sellers is just part of our process, and this one wasn’t any different. We were originally going to have a mobile notary meet up with Mic down in California to have docs signed for the end sale. You see he has been living down there for the past 3-4 years with his sweetheart from his early 20’s, whom a few years back he was able to reconnect with (he’s now in his 70’s) – how sweet!

However, it just so happened that Mic had some stuff on the Oregon property he wanted to retrieve and take back down south with him. So, we were able to set up a signing for him while he was up here, over in Central Oregon. Allowing him to get in and get back out.

He couldn’t have been happier with how simple everything was. His Oregon Duplex was in fact sold ASAP!!

From start to finish, we were able to line everything up and close on the sale in under 30 days!

Every situation is different and not everyone wants the hassle of the typical retail transaction – i.e., all the inspections, repairs, or having to pay commissions to a realtor – when other options are out there for you.

Reach out and see how painless a sale of your property can actually be – we promise, we don’t bite!

We’d like to thank Mic and wish him the best of luck on his journey!

Oregon Duplex Sold ASAP Conclusion

Mic was thrilled with the quick sale of his duplex to Bridgetown Home Buyers. He would definitely recommend using our home buying services to anyone looking to sell their Oregon duplex or home quickly and efficiently.

We are always open to feedback on our Oregon sold ASAP services. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. We guarantee that our services are the best in town. We have many happy clients and will continue to help those in need.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our goal is to make your Oregon property selling experience as pleasant as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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