How do I Find the Value of My Oregon Home?

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Do you live in the Portland area, Eugene, or maybe Bend and are trying to find the value of your home is? If you are looking to sell now, it is important to educate yourself on what a realistic price range for your home looks like.

While Realtors can sometimes be helpful in determining a realistic value, sometimes their primary goal is to make a commission. It is great to have a motivated Realtor, but if you need to sell NOW because of job loss or other circumstances, you can save…precious time as well as paying their commissions by doing some research yourself.

Fortunately, there are some excellent tools that can help you do research and determine a realistic value for your Oregon home. This will help you sell your home quickly and have greater control over the selling process. Not only will you know exactly what price range you should be asking for your house, but by doing some homework on your own, it may help you in getting that house SOLD quicker & simpler.

Tools for Determining the Value of Your Home is an excellent resource for anyone that needs reliable information to help them research real estate pricing. Zillow offers maps and data about homes in your local area and even homes right in your neighborhood. You can use Zillow to search for homes comparable in size along with other property features and see what other homes have sold for.

If homes in your particular area have sold for $350,000 and they are similar to your home, then you will most likely price yourself out of the market if you are asking $390,000. Keep in mind, size, property features and timing are always factors when it comes to arriving at a final figure for your house. If you need to sell now, you should be prepared to discount the price a little to make it attractive to buyers.

How do I Find the Value of My Oregon Home? Bridgetown Home Buyers will generate an estimate of your home’s value for you, based on various factors such as square footage, number of bedrooms and recent sales in your area. If you live in Washington County, Clackamas County or in the Portland area, this can be a great tool to obtain an estimate of value.

Trulia also has a systematic process for determining the accuracy of their values. While you will usually have a variance of 5%-15% in value based upon the factors involved with your situation and your property, Trulia offers a great service and continually updates their system information

If your property is located in Multnomah County…then you are in LUCK! Portland has one of the best on line Real Property websites in the whole Country. Whether you are looking for detailed public information such as tax lot information, aerial photography, zoning maps, zip code information, permits, etc. is an excellent source for all that. The site is sponsored by the City of Portland in an effort to provide more information to the public in an easy to use online format.

Start the Selling Process with Reliable Information

While none of the sources above can give you the exact dollar amount your home should sell for, they are excellent tools to get you started. Part of a successful sales process is having realistic expectations and understanding the factors involved in the broader market around you.

The recent trends and changes in the real estate market in your local area will have a direct effect on the value of your home and determine if you can sell now, and for how much. However, being educated about the recent pricing in your area is a great place to start with your home selling process.

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