How It Works

Selling your Oregon & SW Washington house quickly in 7 easy steps.

  • Contact Us

    Complete our “Buy My House” form… include your Property address that is For Sale, along with your phone number, and email. Please also include any property info you may have – such as… price you are looking for, the current condition, is the house empty or rented, if it is rented then how long is the lease (month-to-month?) – will be beneficial.

  • Determining a Value

    Once we have the above general information, we can then check the public records for comparable sales. Thus allowing us to determine a ballpark – CASH NOW, “as-is” value.

  • Begin Negotiations

    These will usually start over the phone, text or via email. Once we are close to an acceptable price range, that works for both parties - then we will continue to the next step.

  • Property Walk-Through

    We will need to do a walk through of the home to get a real feel of the overall condition and work needed. During this time we may take pictures or a video to help with our re-design and scope of work needed.

  • Agreement

    We agree on a Sales Price either at the property or continue negotiations through email, texts, phone calls or whatever works for you!

  • Contract

    Contract will be emailed, faxed, mailed or hand delivered. Once signed – escrow will be opened, earnest monies deposited and our Title Agent will be in contact to introduce themself.

  • and Close!

    We usually plan to close the Sale within 30 days - or whatever agreed upon timeline that works for both sides. All closings will take place with a local Title Company

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