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New Home Please and Thanks – As Is Home Sale Needed!

Testimonial Series

A quote from the satisfied seller of a house we purchased in fall 2021:

“My experience with BTHB (Bridgetown Home Buyers) was great. I felt they had a competitive price. They worked with my extended timeline and the closing was seamless. I would recommend for anyone looking to sell their home. – Andrew P.”

New Home Please and Thanks - As Is Home Sale Needed! Bridgetown Home Buyers

No Rush – As Is Home Sale In Aloha Oregon

Andy was looking for an as-is home sale and found our website, back in mid-summer and decided to give us a call to find out more info on our process of buying Aloha Oregon houses. After playing a bit of phone tag and some texting we set up a phone call for Monday evening after he was off work.

During our call, Andy had some general questions he was looking to get answers to – such as what types of houses we buy, how we buy, timelines, etc. He liked what he heard, enough to set up a walkthrough of the property later in the week on Thursday.

Thursday, we showed up and met face to face with Andy and his wife Jen. The house was in a good area of Aloha OR and not far from a large employer in town, the type of houses we love to purchase. As for the house itself, it had been kept up, but there were some projects that had been started but not yet unfinished. All it needed was someone to give it a refresh and finish out the projects with a bit of TLC.

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Find the Time or Start a New Aloha

Andy works for a large general commercial contractor in town and even though he had the skills to do the work, he and Jen had decided it was time for an as-is home sale in Aloha, Oregon. This would allow them to spend their time on other important things and decide to purchase a newer house a bit further outside of town. They weren’t in a rush, but they did have a home already under contract and were waiting to see how the house inspection went for that property. If all went well, they would be closing on it about a month out. They wanted to spruce it up a bit before they moved in and didn’t want to be rushed to move out of their current house while doing that.

While at the walkthrough of the Aloha Oregon home, we answered the other questions and concerns that Andy and Jen had about an as-is home sale, along with reviewing the sales contract together and agreeing on a purchase price. Even though we agreed on a price and the contract looked fine to them, they wanted to wait until their inspections were complete on their soon to be new house. One never knows what will show up on those, as we know all too well… we were more than happy to wait and see.

New Home Please and Thanks - As Is Home Sale Needed! Bridgetown Home Buyers

Call on Monday, Appointment on Thursday, Aloha Oregon House SOLD on Saturday!

In the end, everything was fine at the new house, and we had a signed contract back that same weekend on Saturday. Escrow was opened the next Monday. In the following weeks, we did our normal inspections, walked our private funding partner through the Aloha house, and closed on the property in late September.

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You see – sellers don’t always need to sell their Oregon home fast or need the cash. In this situation, Andy and Jen just wanted peace of mind to know their house was sold as is and on their terms. They didn’t want to have to finish out any repairs or put any more money into the house. Andy and Jen sold when and how they wanted and were able to move into their new home on their schedule!

Our Process – Sell the House In Aloha OR

We have a home sale simple process that allows Aloha OR home sellers to shop around if they would like and negotiate a price, they are comfortable with. The seller gets and as is home sale, allowing them to begin the search for their next ideal property. The whole process can now be online and virtual if one chooses so and you can start searching for the perfect property immediately.

We can be contacted via e-mail or phone (text or call) – there are no hidden fees. We then provide an estimated fair offer based on the information provided by the seller.

Thanks For Selling Your Aloha House To Us

We’d like to thank Andy and his wife Jen and wish them the best with their new home!

Get your offer for an as-is home sale!