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When working with Bridgetown Home Buyers, we have multiple ways to buy your house - not all home sales are the same. Choose one of the below options that you feel may work best for you. Next, and down below - fill out the "GET OFFER" form and lets discuss how to get your house SOLD quickly and as is!

Cash Now, "As-Is"

This program is our most used option. It provides cash NOW, not later.

  1. Offers are based on as-is condition.
  2. No dealing with a Realtor = ZERO out of pocket commissions to pay and no closing costs!
  3. No repairs to be made!
  4. Closing on the sale in less than 30 days - or on a timeline that works for you.

Be The Bank

What is “Be the Bank”? It's when a home seller, like yourself, is willing to owner finance the purchase of their property while leaving the existing mortgage in place. If it is owned… Free & Clear (no mortgage), that makes this option even easier!

  1. Allows us to offer you more for the property!
  2. Allows us to be cost-effective while renovations are taking place.
  3. No more mortgage payment while the property is being rehabbed.
  4. You still receive some cash at closing. Once we have rehabbed the home and resold, your loan will be paid in full.

Rent to Sell

Not much equity? We will match you with a Tenant/Buyer!

  1. This will cost you absolutely nothing out of pocket, and get your house SOLD NOW!
  2. Mortgage Brokers that we work with have buyers that just need a little help and time to work on their credit to be able to obtain a mortgage. Thus allowing us to pre-screen and qualify all prospected Tenant/Buyers.
  3. Within a year or two, they will be able to get a loan for a mortgage to pay off your loan.
  4. Our list of these Buyers grows weekly, so we are always looking for new houses.
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